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IEEE Hong Kong Blockchain Group

A Technical Group Which Loves Blockchain in All Aspects


IEEE Hong Kong Blockchain Group

A Hong Kong Local Blockchain Group

Blockchain and Crypto

Consensus Protocols, Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Wallets, Tokens



Blockchain is a collection of technologies which work together to create a distributed system which maintains an immutable ledger using cryptographic techniques, and achieves trust in a decentralized fashion, thanks to the innovative application of consensus protocols, digital signature and the special Blockchain data structures combined.


As one of the major applications of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokens have been deployed into an abundant number of use cases. Furthermore, smart contracts have also empowered tons of financial applications and are already rapidly expanding their impacts into many other industries. Web3 applications are reshaping the world while the fundamental Blockchain technologies continuing to evolve.


We believe that there are a lot of works that need to be done, and it is crucial to bring the talents and like-minded practitioners of the local community together and contribute to the rapid technical development of Blockchain.

The IEEE Hong Kong Blockchain Local Group is under the IEEE Hong Kong Section. With the strong support from the Hong Kong Section as well as the IEEE Blockchain Initiative, we successfully made our debut in 2022 under the leadership of the co-founders, Simon Au Yeung and Duncan Wong, who are also our group's first co-chairs.

Blockchain Local Groups are being formed worldwide to bring together experts and provide networking opportunities for attendees working on blockchain projects. Go here to see the list of local groups all over the world!

Simon Au Yeung

ARTA TechFin, CEO (Blockchain Finance)

17+ years of experience in financial and technology industries. Former Head of Strategic Initiatives of HashKey Group and COO of Hash Blockchain Limited. Held senior positions at Ant Financial, RBC, HSBC, BNP Paribas and Morgan Stanley; Ex-officer at Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission.




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Duncan Wong

CryptoBLK, CEO

PhD in cryptography and computer science, 10+ years of professorship at City University of Hong Kong. Co-authored over 200 academic publications in information security. Co-inventor of linkable ring signature, which has been used in privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies. VP in FinTech at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI).   

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Executive Committee

David Wong

Chief Developer

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Rexan Wong

Developer & Community Dev

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Matthew Chan


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Jessica Yip

Chief Marketing Officer

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Angel Lau

Marketing & Strategy

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Melody To

Marketing & Promotion 

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Rohan Daswani

Marketing & Designer 

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Amelia Lee

Marketing & Strategy 

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Kyle Ku

Marketing & Promotion 

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We aim to
share scientific and academic knowledge and contribute to the local community.

  • Collaborate with industry, academia, government, relevant R&D establishments.

  • Provide training to students in blockchain and allied disciplines.

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Summer, 2022

The Web3 Dev Hackathon 2022 is now open for registration! Please head to the IEEE Hackathon 2022 page for sign-ups and more information on this wonderful opportunity for developers and university students alike. 


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