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"What's Hot and What's Not in
Blockchain for the Coming 24

IEEE Hong Kong Blockchain Group Zoom Webinar 2023
22 September 2023
Friday 5 - 6 PM HKT


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Dr. Duncan Wong

Post-Quantum Cryptography & Privacy

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Dr. Cathie So

Zero Kowledge Proof

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Mr. Edward Tsang

Scaling Up, Scaling Out: Strategies for Blockchain Growth Beyond 2024

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Mr. Rexan Wong

Sharing of His Award-Winning Projects

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Mr. Simon Au Yeung

Welcome to IEEE HK Blockchain Group Webinar 2023!

It is the mission of the IEEE Hong Kong Blockchain Group to promote Blockchain technologies.

Last year, the group organized a successful hackathon with over 100 college students participating.

This year, we continue our education efforts by inviting some key speakers in the Blockchain industry to share their work on Blockchain with all Blockchain technologists, developers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and students.

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