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Blockchain in news

Learn more about blockchain by checking out the following recommended links and articles below

IEEE HK Blockchain Group

Smart Contracts, Blockchain Hub

Smart contracts are one of the main features that distinguishes a platform like Ethereum from a currency like Bitcoin. This article explains in a non-technical way the concept of a smart contract and the article gives some great analogies and charts.

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The future of finance, Maven 11

One of the most exciting opportunities enabled by blockchain is decentralized finance. Have a look at this in depth report about what Blockchain Finance entails, what data points are interesting to track adoption and what pieces are missing. The article also provided a deep dive into a few novel products enabled by DeFi.

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Why Decentralization Matters, Chris Dixon

The current surge in investments in blockchain projects is driven by the thesis that decentralized systems are in many cases better than current central authority based systems. Chris Dixon explains why his VC firm Andreessen Horowitz now invests heavily in decentralized platforms.

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